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Dean's Desk

The Glocal University in the recent years has develop a strong infrastructure for integrated high quality teaching, research and extension work in various fields of agricultural education. The university has excellent faculty to impart high quality education contributing significantly towards meeting the needs of the society. The students are given ample opportunity to interact with the faculty. The lectures are supplemented with audio-visual aides, group discussions, seminars and assignments which lead to the student’s personality development. The School of Agricultural Sciences has three departments, viz., Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture with a capacity of 60 seats each.

A holistic approach has been followed in framing out the present course-curriculum of under graduate programmes which has been revived and updated in the light of Fourth Dean’s recommendation of SAU’s constituted by ICAR.

The admissions of School of Agricultural Sciences based on multi-stream entries and thus students from biology, mathematics and also from agricultural streams also get opportunity to get admitted in the under graduate streams. The students of different streams are required to study remedial courses apart from basic supporting and core courses.

While framing out the course curriculum, regional needs and infrastructure facilities available at Glocal University has been taken into account. The degree requirement comprises of 165-170 credit hours with 18 contact hours for theory and 54 contact hours for practicals per credit in each course. The students are trained professionally by imparting hands-on training through courses like Practical Crop Production and Rural Agricultural Work Experience which exposes to the students of real farming situations.